Vessel of the Preborn Jesus
10 Prayer cards - Mary, Ark of The New Covenant with Imprimatur

10 Prayer cards - Mary, Ark of The New Covenant with Imprimatur

A pack of 10 prayer cards (3" x 4,5")
Prayer card - Mary, Ark of The New Covenant with Imprimatur

O Mother of Divine Grace, Vessel of the
Preborn Jesus, and Ark of The New Covenant,
please bless all who look upon this image of Our
Lord within your womb. May it inspire us to
have a deep appreciation for the gift of every
human life from the moment of conception. May it
lead us to make reparation for the sin of abortion.
May it bring us to a greater understanding
that we are all part of the Mystical Body of
Christ and that you are Our Mother.

May this image help us to realize that you are
the Ark of The New Covenant; the living
tabernacle that contained the Word of God
made Flesh, the true Bread of Life, and the
great High Priest, Jesus Christ! What a
sacred privilege was granted you by the
Blessed Trinity!

Dear Preborn Jesus, encircled by the Rosary,
which is the blueprint of Your life, we ask for
an ever greater understanding of these holy
mysteries. Please help us to be like Our
Blessed Mother: humble, obedient, and
trusting in Your Divine Will. Amen.

Mary, Ark of The New Covenant
Pray for us

Prayer composed by Bernadette Conklin, Preborn Jesus Ministry
Imprimatur + The Most Rev. Jeffrey M. Monforton,
Bishop of Steubenville, Ohio
August 25, 2015

The prayer card is 3" x 4,5"
The pack contains 10 laminated prayer cards.
15 USD